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Please read don’t just click the link at the bottom for the group trust me this important.

Fine, you win.

Let me explain.

There have been quite a few requests to do a private Facebook group for The Profitable Upworker.

As I’ve said before, honestly, I was against the idea. Why? Because I care about one freaking thing: Your success. And I’ve seen some Facebook groups in the past become more of a time-waster full of inspirational quotes (lol), shameless self promotion & and people not getting work done. And distractions are bad.

But, I also understand the massive value of a Facebook group including:

  • Networking with likeminded folks that are up to the same things you are doing
  • The ability to bounce things off your peers (give help and get help)
  • Encouragement, celebrating successes and more….

SO…because I love you…we are doing a Facebook group for you (meaning this group is JUST for peeps who have purchased The Profitable Upworker & are enrolled in good standing) with a few ground rules:

  • Have fun!
  • Remember be cool. No being a jerkface.
  • Focus on giving more than getting.
  • Shameless self promotion is NOT what this group is about. Networking with your peers? Getting feedback? Giving feedback? Sharing accomplishments? Yes! That is what it is all about.
  • Remember, this is a group is about the community. While I will be popping in now and then this is NOT a place to ask questions directly to me or tag me in posts. This is a peer group and about you guys, not me.
  • ZERO negativity. There are plenty of places on Facebook (and the internet) filled with Negative Nancy’s and Pity Party Peters. This isn’t one of them. Any negative comments, posts or other shenanigans will be deleted. Keep it fun. Keep is positive.
  • Finally, captain obvious here, but keep the topics related to online freelancing as of course that is the focus of the group.

Ready to get going?

Click here to join.

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