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Sheer luck!

That's how I became an online freelancer.

I was reviewing for the Philippine nursing board exam on one hot summer day in 2012 and overheard someone talk about “working from home”.

It intrigued me, so I asked that "someone" (who was hesitant to tell me, by the way) how to do it.

That turned out to be the first time I ever heard of "freelancing".

When I got home that day, I grabbed my grandpa's laptop and started my freelancing journey.

I created my Upwork account and, despite my limited skill set, started as a health writer.

Since then, I've been able to offer other services across various industries as a:

  • Data Entry Professional
  • Academic and Technical Writer (my research class was useful after all)
  • Web and Market Researcher
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Operations Management Assistant
  • Transcriptionist
  • Game Tester
  • Social Media Manager
  • Online Marketing Strategist
  • And 52 other services (just kidding)

Currently, I'm a Conversion Copywriter and Content Marketer.

Now, you must be wondering...

"What the hell, Chris?! You're jumping from service to service. You won't become an expert that way."

You're right! You should focus your service offering.

I'm just experimenting, really...

So while I’m not necessarily an expert in any one skill, I’m pretty much an expert in building a service-based business from scratch.

Give me any service offering, and I can get clients for it!

You see, all the years of conforming to other people's expectations for my life and career messed me up as an adult.

I struggled to listen to myself—to what I really want and what truly matters to me the most.

Society suppressed the adventurous, bold, and creative Chris.

And maybe it's that way for you too...

But I'm here to tell you that following your heart and trusting your gut can lead to incredible things.

Let's get you paid to do what you love!

Join The Freelance Press and get my best tips on marketing, business, and productivity.

Who are you?

I'm Chris—conversion copywriter, content marketer, and productivity geek.

I help online freelancers grow their business.

Join The Freelance Press and get my best tips on marketing, business, and productivity.

Why do you do it?

To empower people to carve their own path, do meaningful work, & live their best life!

We can contribute so much to the world when we're aligned with our purpose.

Uhh, how did you get here?

Well, quick backstory...

I quit nursing in 2013, became a full-time online freelancer, and never looked back.

I started blogging in 2016 to empower others to carve their own path, find meaningful work, and live their best life.

Because, yes, you can get paid to do what you love!

Since taking the leap, I've:

  • Mentored other freelancers
  • Consulted for business
  • Launched courses
  • Guested in online communities
  • Spoke at events
  • And many, many more!

All of these would not have been possible if I succumbed to societal expectations.

Your parents, your friends, and society at large should not dictate what you do with your life!

You have the power to choose... as you should. It's your life after all.

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